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Thank you page and next steps

Thank you for scheduling with Dylan’s Detailing!

Next steps:

We will give you a call in the next 24 hours to:

– Schedule a time for us to come by in the next few days to come by, give the vehicle an inspection, finalize what exactly your looking to get done and give a more accurate quote.

– Finalize the date and time we will preform the detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you accept payment?

Our most frequently used form of payment is our invoicing option. We send it whenever we are done, pay at your own leisure.

We also take cash, Venmo or check

Do you need the key?

Yes! Although we may be tempted to, we will not take it for a joy ride!

All jokes aside, we just need it to move the car if needed to address certain areas, or move the gear shifter to clean around it.

Are you going to need a garage?

Having access to a garage isn’t necessary, but it’s always nice to have the option to pull the car in and cool the surfaces down for easier cleaning.

And we will always clean up after ourselves and make sure it’s cleaner than how we found it!

Where should I leave the car?

As long as your comfortable with us moving the car, don’t worry about the placement! We make it easy on you, and we will move it to where we have enough space.

Let us know if you’d feel more comfortable moving your vehicle and we will let you know where to place it!

Do I need to remove all of my stuff for an interior detail?

Feel free to remove anything you’d like, but if it makes life easier on you, we always offer removing items and placing them in labeled bags from where we found it.

As far as little items we may find, we always place them in our labeled bags and place it in the vehicle when we are all finished up.

What if I am not happy with the detail?

If your not blown away by our service or for any reason at all just not happy, we offer a 110% money back guarantee + we will come back out to fix whatever it is we could have done better. No questions asked.

Do you clean the center console and glove box?

Yes! As long as your ok with us removing all the items and placing them in our labeled bags, we’d love to get every piece of your vehicle dialed in.

Welcome to the Dylan’s Detailing family.

Thank you again for trusting us.