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Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction Simi Valley

Ceramic Coat BMW

Mobile Ceramic Coating

Searching for the all mighty ceramic coating and paint correction near Simi Valley or Ventura?

Well you have come to the right place! With our experience, professional service, and mobile detailing capabilities you are sure to be blown away.

Mobile ceramic car coating done right.

The fact that your even reading this means that you know how important having a ceramic paint protection coating on your car is and want your vehicle to always look it’s best. The problem is that waxing it every few months takes too much time, it’s not efficient, doesn’t last long, and you want all those swirl marks gone!

You want your vehicle to look good, and look good all the time, and without a ceramic coating dust, dirt, road grime, water and everything else that sticks to your car will stay there until it’s washed. After a paint correction and having a ceramic coating means, less car washes, increased shine and paint depth and durable protection that lasts!

Getting this package will take your vehicles paint to the closest thing to perfection and then lock in that paint with the best paint protection serum on the market. And you can go from worrying about the next time you need your vehicle waxed, to not having to think about any paint protection or correction until it’s time to sell.

What’s included in a paint correction with ceramic coating

mobile ceramic car ceramic coating



  • Thorough wheel cleaning and wheel wells
  • Light exhaust Cleaning/Polishing
  • Hand wash
  • Iron removal
  • Clay bar decontamination (Gets stuck on grime off and makes paint smooth)
  • Tire dressing
  • Full paint correction
  • Full paint polishing
  • Shine Supply’s Beadlock Pro Marine 4yr Ceramic Coating

Not Included


  • Ceramic window coating
  • Engine cleaning
  • Headlight restoration
  • Ceramic coating on trim, suspension or wheels


  • Any Interior cleaning

Is ceramic coating worth it?

It’s an investment that has dividends that don’t end. Your effectively adding a layer of glass on top of your vehicle, which means it’s not exposed to the elements, plus nothing sticks!

Your vehicle will look brand new when it’s time to sell, if your vehicle is well maintained.

How long does ceramic coating last?

Most coatings will be between 2 and 4 years of protection, but if the coating is not maintained it could reduce that timespan.

What is the downside to ceramic coating?

Price and how long the entire process takes. Everything involved in the prep and application of ceramic is expensive, and then add on the full day or 2 of work, it gets pricey.

How long does the process take?

With our usual 2 man team of detailers, we are usually able to finish a sedan’s paint correction and coating in about 14 hours, if it’s not black.

Then after we apply the ceramic, the car cannot get wet for 3 full days, or risk coating failure.

How do I wash my ceramic coated car?

Not through the car wash! After the paint is corrected to the point where you cannot see swirl marks or scratches, it’s highly recommended to have a professional detailer wash it so they can use proper washing methods to keep your beautiful finish. But a we have seen that hand car washes can be an OK option.

Also using correct washing soaps and quick detailers to ensure your not damaging the coating.

Why do you need paint correction before ceramic?

After ceramic is applied to your paint, it seals everything in. You cannot remove those imperfections unless you take off the ceramic coating, and if you care enough to put the best paint protection serum on the market on your vehicle, then you also care about how the paint looks.

Your vehicle’s paint will get the closest to a perfect finish and get protected to the max!

Schedule your paint correction and ceramic coating in Simi Valley or Ventura today to make your ride into something to be proud of.

Ceramic Coating Cost for SUV, truck, and more!

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Who is Dylan’s Detailing?

Dylan’s Detailing is a professional auto detailer that is based in Simi Valley and serves Ventura and Los Angeles, made for those who take as much pride as we do in the way our vehicles looks. Our passion is making every detail of your vehicle as perfect as possible, while also providing the best customer experience there is.

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