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Clay Bar & Wax Detail

Mobile Exterior Auto Detailing

Wash and wax who? Our clay bar and waxing service in Ventura and Los Angeles is the premium exterior detail service around and will blow any “wash and wax” service out of the water.

Every surface on your exterior will be silky smooth, cleaned and protected from the elements.

Premium Mobile Detailing Services delivered to your house.

We are based in Simi Valley, but here is our detailing service area list:

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Clay bar and wax service

The “Oh did you buy a new car!?” exterior detail service.

Most vehicles on the road go through the car wash once a week, to ya know, get their car clean, but when only half the vehicle is “clean” is it really clean? Your someone who looks at their wheels, tires, wheel wells, the tight areas and swirl marks and realizes being average is not for you.

Your car will turn heads, your car will start conversations and end them with, secretly, I take care of my vehicle and therefore it gets noticed.

With our thorough wash process, paint decontamination and clay bar, topped off with a glossy long lasting wax (paint sealant) you are sure to be the one who always gets the questions about their car.

What’s included in our Exterior Auto Detailing Service

clay bar and sealant detail



  • Thorough wheel cleaning and wheel wells
  • Tire dressing
  • Light exhaust Cleaning/Polishing
  • Hand wash
  • Iron removal
  • Clay bar decontamination (Gets stuck on grime off and makes paint smooth)
  • Trim Dressing/Protectant
  • 1 Year Paint Sealant (Like a wax, but lasts way longer!)
  • Window Sealant

Not Included


  • Scratch removal
  • Paint correction
  • Headlight restoration


  • Any Interior cleaning

What does Clay Bar Waxing do?

Using a clay bar with a lubricant to lightly go over the paint back and forth to remove bonded contaminants like brake dust, industrial pollution and road grit from your clear coat. It’s a great practice to do so before applying any new layer of paint protection so that the protection bonds to the paint, not contaminants.

Now that your paint is smooth, thoroughly apply a wax or paint sealant to every piece of paint to protect your investment!

Is exterior car detailing worth it?

It’s an investment. We look at it more as something that needs to be done in order to avoid issues down the road, like water spots, oxidation or staining. That can be a lot more expensive to fix when it’s time to sell.

What is a paint sealant?

The new and much improved “wax”! Sealants chemically bond with the paint, instead of sitting on the paint like waxes do. They can deflect UV rays and last 6x times longer.

How long does this service take?

For your average sedan we usually take about 3 hours to complete the service. Obviously the bigger the vehicle, the longer the time.

Can you do scratch removal or water spot removal?

Yes, we do both quite frequently and if it’s able to be removed, we can do it. When scheduling just let us know in the “message” box!

About our Clay and Wax package

Have everyone wondering why your car is glowing, and theirs isn’t.

After every wash, their are still things left me behind. Paint has pores in it, just like your skin, and those pores get clogged with contaminants after while. Making your paint a little rough feeling, not smooth.

In this clay and wax service, we will get all of your exterior surfaces silky smooth and give them some depth. After all exterior surfaces are clean, we will enhance them and protect them to make your car look better for longer!

clay bar treatment simi valley

Clay bar and wax cost

Small Car


Medium Car


Large Car or Truck


*Final price is determined by vehicles condition, size and time it will take*

Exterior Detailing Upgraded Packages

Level 1

Polish & Protect

The same process as this Clay and Wax package, but with some serious gloss enhancing capabilities after a thorough polish. For like new gloss!

Off road vehicle cleaning

Level 2

One Step Paint Correction Ceramic Coating

Our entry level ceramic coating package, which includes up to a 80% swirl, defect and scratch removal or more with a newer vehicle, topped off with a 1 year ceramic coating.

Level 3

Full Paint Correction + 4 Year Ceramic Coating

Mirror like results with up to 95% correction and the top of the line 4 year ceramic coating. This package is sure to deliver showroom results that will turn lots of heads, not matter the car.

mobile car detailing service

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Who is Dylan’s Detailing?

Dylan’s Detailing is a professional auto detailer that is based in Simi Valley and serves Ventura and Los Angeles, made for those who take as much pride as we do in the way our vehicles looks. Our passion is making every detail of your vehicle as perfect as possible, while also providing the best customer experience there is.

Clay bar and wax detail

Benefits of a premium Clay Bar and Wax detail

Would you want your vehicle to still have bug guts on your front windshield even after a thorough wash?

No, you don’t want to have to put a single thought out about how your vehicle may not look like a million bucks after a wash.

There are countless contaminants that can stick easily to anywhere on your car, if it doesn’t have a layer of protection between your cars exterior surfaces and the elements.

After the 1 year paint sealant, trim protectant/conditioner, and window sealant found in our clay bar and waxing service nothing will want to stick to your car and should clean up to that “new car finish” after a simple quality wash.

Mobile wash and waxing service that isn’t just washing and a sloppy wax job.

Unfortunately whether your car sits in a garage all day, or if it sits in parking lot, it doesn’t matter. Your car will still get filthy and get contaminated with hard to get off gunk like sap, bird droppings, bug guts, and even just some stuck on dirt.

Eventually after a while, all of those stuck on contaminants will eat your paints clear coat, which is the top protective layer of your paint, then they will start to damage your cars beautiful paint and leave it with a rough finish. That’s where the clay bar comes in.

Not only do you want your car to have a smooth and glossy finish, but you also want to keep your paint in good condition and then protect your cars paint, trim and windows from future bug guts, sap and bird droppings. That’s exactly what this car waxing service is made for.

Get our waxing and clay bar service and you will not only make your car look better than ever before, but it will also stay looking good for months to come just with some basic maintenance. With this upgraded wash and wax detail, it also makes maintaining your car a breeze, because things don’t stick anymore!

After your mobile wash and waxing, you will fall in love with your car.

Client testimonials after receiving our Clay Bar and Wax service

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