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About Us

Our goal is not to be the fastest, but to be the best and serve you to the fullest.

The Dylan’s Detailing way

We are constantly reminded of detailing horror stories by our new clients, like how the company said they would be there and no showed, like how a company doesn’t pick up the phone then doesn’t call or text back, like how a company doesn’t even deliver the results they promised! Our goal is for everyone to have access to a mobile detailing company who does what they say they will do, provide professional results tailored towards long term great results, and overall just a company everyone can trust and have a great customer experience!

We are not fast at what we do, we do not take shortcuts, we are not here for a one time simple transaction, we are here because we actually take pride in our work, can’t stand terrible customer service and love good looking cars and trucks.

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Dylan’s Detailing history

The detailing started first, then came the company name. It all started in 2020, I started by taking care of the car my parents lent me as my first car with just a few brushes, towels and basic chemicals I bought at Pep Boys. That then that lead to ordering some more equipment to make that car flawless, and after I accomplished my first real detail on that car, I wanted more. I started with friends and family, made a website, finally got my first real customer, and ever since then me and my team have strived to be the best and overdeliver to every client so we can continue to grow!

Our Mission Statement: Our mission is to deliver confidence, a sense of pride and a great customer experience, all through making your car look stunning.

Our Goals

During our whole process of making loyal clients served, we realized, their is a lot of improvement that needs to be done to the detailing industry. So our goal is to provide and made it be know that their is a detailer you can trust, provides amazing results and truly cares! That being said, our goal is to have a few detailing shops, and also have mobile units as well to make sure we can help more.

Why we stand for America

America is the country that stands for Freedom and a country that was built on the philosophy of working hard to achieve the American dream, and right now our freedoms aren’t what they used to be. People who have worked for 20+ years to get to where they are today are simply getting all that work they put in taken from them. As American’s that want all the advantages our country was founded on, we need to stand up together for the constitution. If all the small business and people out there show how they stand for America, we can take America back to the truly awesome country it is. If you agree, let’s stand together and stick up for our country and the preservation of the American dream.

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Meet Dylan

Ever since I was eleven I have always loved cars, the way they look, the way they make you feel, and most importantly to me the way they sound. If your a car enthusiast like me, you take pride in the way your car looks and that’s why I fell in love with detailing! I can’t stand swirls in the paint, dirty cupholders or have faded trim! So I decided I wanted to do something about it. I started Dylan’s Detailing to put a stop to detailers just looking for a quick buck and therefor leaving your car filled with swirls, missed spots and some poorly dressed tires. Thank you for reading about me, and me and my team look forward to meeting you!

first responders and military discount

First Responders and Military discount for Car Detailing

Here at Dylan’s Detailing we respect everyone who puts their lives at risk to keep America the great country it is.

We know it’s nothing in comparison to what you do for us, but we will give Military, Law Enforcement and Firefighters 15% OFF any of our detailing services.

Thank you for your service.

Dylan’s Detailing Core Values

  1. Do the right thing.
  2. Always give 100% effort into everything you do.
  3. If you see a problem, solve it.
  4. Always find the best in every situation.
  5. Treat others how you would like to be treated.
  6. Go the extra mile, every time.
  7. Pursue growth everyday.
  8. Make it fun!
  9. Learn from every mistake and make it right.
  10. Always build people up, never take them down. Always be positive!
  11. Be efficient.
  12. Stay humble.

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