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About Us

Our goal is not to be the fastest, but to be the best and serve you to the fullest.

The Dylan’s Detailing way

We are made for the few.

Who pay attention to paint imperfections, who place a massive value on their time, who realize that staying focused on themselves, not their car, will bring back divedends, and who understand that protecting their vehicle and having consistent maintenance is the key to having a flawless ride all the time.

Dylan’s Detailing is made for this small group of high preforming individuals that want to let go of the worry and hassle of even just thinking about getting their vehicle taken care of.

Our job is to take care of your vehicle, like it was our own. With years of experience, we know how to protect your vehicle for the long run and make sure it’s maintained before it gets to a point where it needs another detail. So your pride and joy is always looking it’s best.

We are not fast at what we do, we do not take shortcuts, we are not here for a one time simple transaction, we are here because we take pride in our work, and only want to serve our clients to the fullest.

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Exclusive. Low volume. Quality focused.

Dylan’s Detailing is all about serving busy high preforming individuals who understand that how you do one thing, is how you do all things and have no room for anything but the best highest quality work.

Dylan with Dylan's Detailing


Tyler with Dylan's Detailing


Our Team

Dylan and Tyler both have a burning passion for the detailing industry and truly only want to help everyone achieve the feeling of having a flawless looking vehicle all the time with the least amount of effort for our small group of amazing clients Dylan’s Detailing serves.

Dylan’s Detailing history

The detailing started first, then came the company name. It all started in 2020, I started by taking care of the car my parents lent me as my first car with just a few brushes, towels and basic chemicals I bought at Pep Boys. That then lead to ordering some more equipment to make that car look flawless, and after I accomplished my first real detail on that car, I wanted more.

I started with friends and family, made a website, finally got my first real customer, and ever since then me and my team have strived to be the best and over perform for every client so we can continue to serve like minded individuals.

Our Goals

Through our journey we have realized we are not the only people who care about treating our vehicles like an art piece, and after transforming many vehicles and maintaining them, we realize it’s almost a part time job to just take care of 1 car.

That being said, we strive to take that part time job away from our like minded clients and continue to find more clients to serve.

To continue to only provide the absolute best quality, and long lasting results, our goal is to have multiple detailing shops and mobile units to place Dylan’s Detailing as the pinnicle of the detailing industry.

Why we stand for America

America is the country that stands for Freedom and a country that was built on the philosophy of working hard to achieve the American dream, and right now our freedoms aren’t what they used to be. People who have worked for 20+ years to get to where they are today are simply getting all that work they put in taken from them. As American’s that want all the advantages our country was founded on, we need to stand up together for the constitution. If all the small business and people out there show how they stand for America, we can take America back to the truly awesome country it is. If you agree, let’s stand together and stick up for our country and the preservation of the American dream.

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First responders and military discount for car detailing

Here at Dylan’s Detailing we respect everyone who puts their lives at risk to keep America the great country it is.

We know it’s nothing in comparison to what you do for us, but all Military, Law Enforcement and Firefighters can enjoy 15% OFF all of our specialized detailing services.

Thank you for your service.

Dylan’s Detailing Core Values

  1. Do the right thing.
  2. Always give 100% effort into everything you do.
  3. If you see a problem, solve it.
  4. Always find the best in every situation.
  5. Treat others how you would like to be treated.
  6. Go the extra mile, every time.
  7. Pursue growth everyday.
  8. Make it fun!
  9. Learn from every mistake and make it right.
  10. Always build people up, never take them down. Always be positive!
  11. Be efficient.
  12. Stay humble.

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