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Maintenance Detailing and Washing

Mobile inside and out wash to KEEP your vehicle in flawless condition

Whether you have a supercar, luxury car, off-road vehicle or your dream daily driver our maintenance detailing is meant to keep your vehicle in optimal like new condition all the time.

Without you having to even think about when it’s time to get it washed! We will already be there.

Maintenance detailing made for busy people who want their vehicle to reflect the high attention to detail work they put out into the world.

Exclusive only.

Dylan’s Detailing is only about providing the highest quality result, and nothing less.

A basic inside and wash is all a properly protected and maintained vehicle needs, but if the vehicle hasn’t been kept up on, the result will reflect that.

That is why we only offer our maintenance detailing to vehicles that have received a detail by us so that we know that vehicle’s condition, if it has exterior protection and how often it’s taken care of.

To only provide the best results, every time.

Has your vehicle been ceramic coated or had PPF/Clear bra applied to it?

Our only exception to our exclusive maintenance detail program, is if your vehicle has had proper protection applied to it, by a professional.

Give us a call and schedule a vehicle inspection to see if you qualify.

Just know our maintenance details start at $190

Meticulous detailing. Made for only extremely detailed individuals.