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1 Year Ceramic Package

Premium. Once a year ceramic exterior detail.

Maybe not every car you own needs the top of the line longest lasting detail

You just need to keep the car in good shape and want the benefits of ceramic at a fraction of the cost. Behold our express ceramic coating service.

Premium Mobile Detailing Services delivered to your house.

We are based in Simi Valley, but here is our detailing service area list:


Agoura Hills

Bell Canyon


Simi Valley

Thousand Oaks


Oak Park

Westlake Village

Santa Rosa Valley

Newbury Park


View our full service area list here

  • mobile detailing van

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We also offer free in person quotes where we come out to you and give your vehicle an inspection!

This vehicle investment starts at $950

(Ex. Ford, Mustang GT)
(Ex. 2018, Blue)
Your main concerns with the vehicle, what results your looking for, appointment dates, or anything you’d like to know more about!

What this express ceramic coating will do:

  1. Take your paint to new levels of gloss.
  2. Add a semi permanent sacrificial barrier to your vehicles paint.
  3. Protect your paint from UV damage, oxidation and extend the amount of time it takes for anything to harm your paint. Like water spots.
  4. Make it much easier to maintain your vehicle, because nothing sticks!

What this express ceramic coating will NOT do:

  1. Make your vehicle invincible to dirt, road grime and water. (It will still get dirty! Just not nearly as fast or easy.)
  2. Give you the option to only wash your car every month or so. (This is not a “set and forget” detail, your car still needs to be maintained at least every 2 weeks with only a scratch free hand wash.)
  3. Eliminate the possibility of scratches and swirl marks. (Although ceramic is tougher than paint, it’s still absolutely possible to get scratches)

Our current entry level ceramic coating promotion

Summer Time Vehicle Renewal & Transformation

Dylan’s effortless service package

(Included in every detail service):

  1. Hassle free fully equipped detailing service. We take care of everything and have all the necessary equipment with us in our van.
  2. Full complimentary vehicle inspection service. We will always keep you updated if anything needs attention.
  3. Service text updates, so your always in the loop on where we are at and when we will be finished with your gleaming vehicle!
  4. Full access to our exclusive maintenance detailing service so you can KEEP your car in immaculate condition hassle free.
  5. Priority scheduling. Have the ability to stick to a regular schedule and get your detail done when you need it done.
  6. Exclusive discounts on all our detailing services! Because of frequent maintenance.
  7. Automated weekly check in text option, so we can stay on top of your vehicle looking amazing without you having to think about it.
  8. (DIY solution package) We give you every bit of information from our custom essential products guide, all the way to our pro tips to keep your vehicle in flawless shape.

What we perform on your vehicles Exterior:

  1. Wheel deep cleaning, heavy scrub on wheel wells and tires for a crisp finish.
  2. Full thorough vehicle rinse, top to bottom to remove ALL dirt and debris.
  3. Full vehicle foam cannon application (Adds lubrication to prevent scratches).
  4. 2 bucket scratch free hand wash (Rinse, and soap buckets with dirt guards).
  5. Fine detail brush agitation on all exterior tight areas and crevasses to remove all dirt and grime.
  6. Final rinse to remove all soap.
  7. Chemical paint decontamination (Removing stubborn iron fallout particles from your cars paint).
  8. Tar removal. Removing hard to see tough tar contaminants from lower sections behind tires.
  9. Full vehicle clay bar for a buttery smooth finish (Removes embedded contaminants from your windows, paint, and clear plastics).
  10. Plush clean towel bulk dry.
  11. Full vehicle blow dry to all cracks, crevasses and wheels for a drip free spotless finish.
  12. Clean, dry and shine up all door jambs.
  13. Tape off all plastics and rubber trim. To prevent staining from polishing stage.
  14. Single step bulk paint correction to remove up to 70% of defects.
  15. Final IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipe down to clean & prep all the surfaces for the ceramic coating application.
  16. Application of 1 year ceramic coating to all paint, and lights.
  17. Ceramic high spot inspection and removal of high spots, which are a common imperfection caused by applying ceramic (Smudge marks that can be near permanent if not caught early).
  18. Satin finish tire dressing application for a detailed finish.
  19. Dylan’s final touch. Polishing dust removal, and window cleaning.

Want to dive deeper into what we do to your car?

Link to our full ceramic coating process, start to finish

Summer Time Vehicle Renewal & Transformation Pricing:


Starting at $950

(6-7 Hours)


Starting at $1,200

(7-8 Hours)


Starting at $1,500

(8-9 Hours)

Trucks/Big SUV

Starting at $1,900

(10-11+ Hours)

!We may spend extra time to finish your car!

*Every vehicle is different, every vehicle has special needs. Therefore to provide only the best result, we may spend longer than the anticipated time on your vehicle and the starting price may not be the final cost*

Exclusive. Low Volume. Quality focused.

Made for the few.

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About our express ceramic service

Your car is an extension of your personality and a reflection of your values.

We understand that you lead a busy life and that every minute counts. You deserve a vehicle that looks and feels brand new, without sacrificing your precious time.

But we don’t stop there. We know that you want to protect your investment and keep your car looking like new.. That’s why we apply a protective layer of ceramic coating to your car’s paint, creating a semi-permanent bond that shields it from environmental elements like UV rays, water, and dirt.

We take pride in only delivering the highest quality results with meticulous attention to detail, so that you can experience the joy of driving a car that looks and feels brand new without any effort on your behalf.

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Upgrades for Dylan’s Detailing ceramic coating detail

Plastic trim ceramic coating

Black trim fades extremely fast. Black trim stains easy. Black trim gets dirty fast.

All plastic trim is fragile and not something you want to have to worry about. Let go of the worry with ceramic!

Trim ceramic coating

Full window ceramic coating package

Windows so slick, nothing sticks!

Window water spots and tough bug gut splatters are also common. Eliminate the worry from both of these with our window ceramic coating package.

window ceramic coating

Undercarriage, wheel and suspension ceramic coating package

The perfect package for any off-road set up vehicle.

That will make maintenance a breeze and keep your chassis and wheels looking new for time to come.

wheel, suspension and undercarriage ceramic coating

*Adding these options will increase the amount of time it takes to detail your vehicle*

Extremely low volume detailing.

We will take longer than any other detailing company you have used. We do not have availability other companies have. We may even spend longer than anticipated on your vehicle.

But if your looking to have a flawless vehicle, and not even have to put a thought towards worrying about keeping it clean, we are for you.

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