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Leather Ceramic Coating Protection Promotion

Luxury Car Owners – 1 Year of Soft as a Feather, Protected Leather Special ($200 off for vehicles less than 3 years old!)

There’s nothing like that fresh satin leather finish and feel in a brand new car.

What if you could keep that same uniform, plush, and slick feel until it was time to sell?

Now that you’ve found this page, you’re halfway there! 

Fill out your information below and we will reach out within 24 hours so you can get all the benefits! Delivered to you with mobile service.

(First 25 scheduled get $100 towards a complete interior renewal service. Completing the brand new car feeling.)

Benefits of installing Ceramic Leather Treatment

  1. Consistently slip into a slick, matte finish seat that ensures that brand new car feeling lasts years, not months. 
  2. Forget about scrubbing out “stains”. Nothing sticks to ceramic. Therefore a light wipe is all that’s needed for maintenance.
  3. Passenger anxiety disappears. You can now enjoy your passengers’ company because your leather has a shield, not even the toughest of passengers can break.
  4. The service that pays you. With proper maintenance, your seats have the ability to look day one new to any potential future buyers.
  5. Leather cracking protection. Damaging UV rays aren’t even touching your leather anymore. It’s touching your ceramic and ceramic doesn’t crack.
  6. Light colored seats? Dye transfer from jeans is a big concern that will stain over time. Prevent the inevitable with your ceramic shield.
  7. A deep matte finish is eye candy, this ceramic coating only enhances that new finish to the max.

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