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Motorcycle Detailing Company Oak Park, California

Professional Motorcycle Detailing delivered to you.

Meticulous motorcycle detailing company in Oak Park made only for the few who take the details seriously.

Low volume. Quality focused.

Premium Mobile Detailing Services delivered to your house.

We are based in Simi Valley, but here is our detailing service area list:

View our full service area list here

  • mobile detailing van

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We also offer free in person quotes where we come out to you and give your vehicle an inspection!

This vehicle investment starts at $390

(Ex. Ford, Mustang GT)
(Ex. 2018, Blue)
Your main concerns with the vehicle, what results your looking for, appointment dates, or anything you’d like to know more about!

What this motorcycle cleaning & detail will do:

  1. Clean every hard to reach area that’s possible to get to.
  2. Thoroughly clean the paint and remove all contaminants to reveal a silky smooth finish.
  3. Remove saddle bags, seat, side fiberglass covers and all pieces that are easily removable.
  4. Polish & protect all chrome (If applicable).
  5. Enhance & protect all surfaces to keep your ride cleaner for longer.

What this motorcycle cleaning & detail will NOT do:

  1. Remove all rust from chrome and other bits.
  2. Remove parts that require a drill or are tough to remove pieces.
  3. Paint correction, swirl removal, ceramic coating (These are upgrade options, you can check out here)

What is a motorcycle detail price?

Our standard motorcycle detail service costs around $500, but it all depends on the condition and the size of the bike.

How long does this service take?

With our standard detail it takes us anywhere from 3-4 hours to give your ride a good reset and leave it sparkly clean!

Will you take off my storage bags in a motorcycle detail?

Yep! We take off the seat, storage bags and side covers for electronics to ensure everything is clean.

Our current motorcycle detail promotion

Loud & Proud to Stand Out Summer Time Refresh

Dylan’s effortless service package

(Included in every detail service):

  1. Hassle free fully equipped detailing service. We take care of everything and have all the necessary equipment with us in our van.
  2. Full complimentary vehicle inspection service. We will always keep you updated if anything needs attention.
  3. Service text updates, so your always in the loop on where we are at and when we will be finished with your gleaming vehicle!
  4. Full access to our exclusive maintenance detailing service so you can KEEP your motorcycle in immaculate condition hassle free.
  5. Priority scheduling. Have the ability to stick to a regular schedule and get your detail done when you need it done.
  6. Exclusive discounts on all our detailing services! Because of frequent maintenance.
  7. Automated weekly check in text option, so we can stay on top of your motorcycle looking amazing without you having to think about it.
  8. (DIY solution package) We give you every bit of information from our custom essential products guide, all the way to our pro tips to keep your motorcycle in flawless shape.

What we perform on your motorcycle:

  1. Wheel deep cleaning, remove fiberglass saddle bags and side covers, if applicable, to thoroughly scrub clean all the hard to reach areas with a variety of plush brushes.
  2. Remove seat and any other removable panels to prep for the wash stage.
  3. Rinse top to bottom, to remove ALL dirt and debris before the contact wash.
  4. Full vehicle foam cannon application.
  5. 2 bucket hand wash (Rinse, and soap buckets with dirt guards).
  6. Fine detail brush agitation on all exterior tight areas and crevasses to remove all dirt and grime.
  7. Final rinse to remove all soap.
  8. Chemical paint decontamination (Removing stubborn iron fallout particles from your bikes paint).
  9. Tar removal. Removing hard to see tough tar contaminants from lower sections of the bike.
  10. Full vehicle clay bar for a buttery smooth finish (Removes embedded contaminants from your paint, clear plastics and chrome).
  11. Full vehicle blow dry for a drip free clean finish.
  12. Application of crisp 1 year sealant to paint, and clear plastics, like lights.
  13. Chrome protectant application (Also applied to black case covers and exhaust for the same protection against corrosion).
  14. Leather cleaned and conditioned. For a silky clean finish and UV protection.
  15. Rich black trim treatment. That gives your plastics a slick refresh.
  16. Small detail attention. Clean mirrors, remove rubber boot stains from touching hot exhaust and anything else we can find!
  17. Dylan’s final touch, go around with our final detail spray for a spotless finish.

Loud & Proud to Stand Out Summer Time Refresh

Small Bike

Starting at $390

(2-3 Hours)

Medium Bike

Starting at $450

(~3.5 Hours)

Large Bike

Starting at $515

(~4 Hours)

!We may spend extra time to finish your motorcycle!

*Every vehicle is different, every vehicle has special needs. Therefore to provide only the best result, we may spend longer than the anticipated time on your vehicle and the starting price may not be the final cost*

Motorcycle Detail Upgrade Options

Just message us when filling out the form below on which one your most interested in!

Level 2

One Step Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

Our entry level ceramic coating package, which includes up to a 70% swirl, defect and scratch removal or more with a newer vehicle, topped off with a 1 year ceramic coating.

honda road bike detail

Level 3

Full Paint Correction + 4 Year Ceramic Coating

Mirror like results with up to 90% correction and the top of the line 4 year ceramic coating. This package is sure to deliver showroom results that will turn lots of heads, no matter the bike.

Our most recent work on this 2006 Harley Davidson Road King (Firefighter edition)

Level 3 motorcycle detail: 2 step paint correction and 4yr ceramic coating

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Low volume detailing.

Made for the few.

Full motorcycle detailing service. Delivered to your home.

Are you ready to feel like a true badass on the road? Say goodbye to a dull and lackluster ride and hello to a motorcycle that’s as shiny as it is powerful!

With our mobile motorcycle detailing company, we know that there’s nothing quite like the feeling of cruising down the open road with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. But let’s face it – a dirty and grimy bike can really put a damper on that experience.

That’s where we come in. Our team of passionate detailers will give your motorcycle the royal treatment it deserves.

And the best part? Once we’re done, you’ll feel like an absolute badass on your ride. You’ll turn heads as you roll by with a motorcycle that looks as fierce as it is powerful.

Give us a call and experience the thrill of a truly badass ride that compliments you.

Your motorcycle (and your ego) will thank you with our motorcycle detailing services in Oak Park.

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Get your motorcycle Sunday joy ride ready

Oak Park motorcycle detailing for the few who take the details seriously.

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